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Dienstleistung für Sicherungen und Geräteschutz ESKA

ESKA’s Development Partnerships

Anyone who nowadays wants to survive in global competition, not only needs to have unique products but also has to be able to produce them in an economically efficient way. Standard fuses are often no longer up to the demands due to steadily increasing requirements for safety and productivity. Particularly in this case, our interest is to be a competent and reliable partner within the framework of your product development, since high-quality fuses have been our speciality for more than a hundred years.

As a long-established company, it is therefore of great importance to us to use our many years of experience and practice to meet your requirements and provide forward-looking solutions as part of customer-specific product development, with regard to assemblies or also with the design-in.

Complete Assembly Production

ESKA does not only offer a range of passive components for customers. Make use of our long-time experience and let us help you determine which combination of different components is best for your application. See, as an example, the combination of fuse-link, appropriate fuse-holder and fuse puller, which can be delivered completely assembled in magazines.

You will save both, manual placement of the fuse-holder onto the circuit-board and subsequent installation of the fuse-link. During the mounting process, you only need to take the assembly off the magazine and then place it on the circuit-board for soldering – that’s it!

Other modifications of fuses, for example by additional pigtails, are also possible – please contact us!

Baugruppenfertigung Sicherungen und passive Bauelemente ESKA

ESKA’s Design-in Process

When developing a project, from our experience, customers often consider the issue of protection only as a final step. However, bear in mind the savings potential arising from integrating a fuse at an early stage.

From the beginning, the overall layout, electrical contacting and mounting can be designed under consideration of this additional component. We will support you in this project.

Design In Prozess ESKA