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Research Partners

To be actively involved in a rapidly developing sector such as electrical engineering and electronics implies keeping pace with the market’s current and innovative challenges or staying ahead. This can only be achieved by research of new and innovative products, technologies and solutions.

For this reason, in addition to our own product development, ESKA as an SME actively and continuously participates in different research projects and networks. By doing so, we receive early knowledge of new challenges and market trends with regard to our products, and we can incorporate these into product development and optimization.

We will continue to develop and test new products and technologies in research projects. Our aim is to provide you with improved and more powerful products which today are already suitable for future applications.

See below for our previous and current research activities.

Forschungspartner Flexible Elektrische Netze ESKA

FEN Research Campus

Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) Research Campus established in Aachen is an association of scientific institutes and industrial partners. Their aims are knowledge transfer and joint research on future energy supply. All voltage levels in the electrical utility grid that will experience significant changes in the future are investigated, from low voltage level to medium voltage level to high voltage level.

These changes mainly result from the increasing number of decentralised power producers in the utility grids which are of decisive influence so that a well-coordinated and safe grid has to be developed. Impact of battery storage systems and electric mobility on existing grids is also investigated.

As an industrial partner, ESKA participated in the work of this association until 2019.

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Forschungspartner future tex ESKA


FutureTex is an interdisciplinary expert network of the textile industry. Many research and industrial partners are investigating different issues of functional technical textiles which are intended to be used in sports, medical, aviation and automotive industries in the future.

ESKA is an industrial partner in the Inmouldtronic project. This subproject aims at developing standardized, producible, network-capable electronic textiles using injection joining technology, fuses, electronic components and certified software connection.

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Bundesministerium für Bildung Forschung ESKA zwanzig 20 ESKA