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News & Events

Recertification QM

Since our previous monitoring company has ceased its business activities, we have commissioned a new monitoring organization with DQS.

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The ESKA team congratulates!

We are always pleased to sharing milestones and successes we have achieved together. The ESKA-Team congratulates Jan Eckhardt, Head of Research and Development at ESKA Erich Schweizer GmbH, on becoming the German spokesman in the committee on standardization of miniature fuses and thermal-links.

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Pleased to meet you!

In conversation today - Susanne Lang.

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Discover the PressFit-Technology!

You certainly know, the traditional wiring in motor vehicles often leads to confusing cable harness which leads to high assembly and maintenance costs. Our new products with pressfit technology offer the perfect alternative.

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Your Safety: Customized Imprinting of Your Fuse

As of now, we offer the possibility to imprint the ceramic bodies of standard miniature fuses.

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ESKA News MOVs Vorschau

Overvoltage Protection by Appropriate ESKA Varistor

The appropriate varistor protects sensitive circuits from overvoltages.

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ESKA News MTA Vorschau

ESKA Solutions for Automotive Applications

Blade fuses for voltages of 58 V and 80 V are new in our product range for automotive applications.

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Temperature Switches – Reliable Protection and Temperature Control

We present to you our temperature switches for the protection against excessive temperatures and for reliable control of applications.

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