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We support you as a competent design-in partner

ESKA’s Design-in Process

When developing a project, from our experience, customers often consider the issue of protection only as a final step. However, bear in mind the savings potential arising from integrating a fuse at an early stage. From the beginning, the overall layout, electrical contacting and mounting can be designed under consideration of this additional component.

Make use of ESKA expertise in designing the correct fuse protection along with appropriate fuse-holders or mounting types. From a technical point of view, fuses are often underestimated. Their proper functioning can only be ensured, if already during product development all operating and fault conditions have been considered and used for determining the correct fuse rating.

If a fuse is incorrectly rated, this can result in early and thus nuisance opening. It would, however, be far more serious if a fuse does not open or if it explodes with a high risk of danger to life. This can happen, if a fuse was incorrectly rated with regard to fault currents expected to occur in the respective application and to the criteria for satisfactory operation.



To avoid such risks already at the beginning of your project, ESKA will support your development team with the technically correct fuse rating as well as with the determination of all other parameters that need to be considered for your application.

Our roots are in engineering. This is to the benefit of our customers who are supported by a broad range of services during their whole product development cycle – in line with their requirements and individual needs and all services from a single source.

Make use of our know-how and experience for adequate overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection of your application. Please call us or send us the following Product Request Form “Design your fuse” completely filled in.