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Battery backups for every application

Protect and secure: The little heroes of battery technology!


Fuse links are the hidden extra that make a huge difference. They protect against overheating, short circuits and even possible fires.


➡️ Fuses links for protection of battery application

Nowadays, the use of powerful batteries is essential. The proportion of devices and applications that can be used is constantly growing. The batteries used range from button cells to large storage systems with a high energy density.

To safeguard these applications, it is important to protect the system and batteries against overcurrent, short circuit and other electrical malfunctions to avoid damage of any kind.

In the ESKA portfolio you will also find the battery fuses specially designed for these requirements. These meet the new IEC 60269-7 standard, which will be published in 2021, and which defines the characteristics and properties of the fuses.


➡️ Batteryfuses for every application

Due to the power density and the risk of fire emanating from the batteries, very high demands are placed on the fuses. ESKA products comply with the IEC 60269-7 standard, which ensures that these requirements are met.

Products are available in different designs for use in different applications. With a few ampere rated current, 10x38 mm fuses can be installed. If a large battery with high currents and high energy density needs to be protected, fuses up to the NH3L design with several hundred amperes are available. The nominal voltage of the ESKA fuses is between 550 V DC and 1,500 V DC.

In order to be able to protect not only against overcurrents but also against high short-circuit currents, the ESKA fuses have a rated breaking capacity of at least 30kA up to 100kA.