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ESKA Solutions for Automotive Applications

Blade fuses for voltages of 58 V and 80 V are new in our product range for automotive applications.


These are particularly designed for the increased voltages in electrical systems of hybrid and commercial vehicles and also in industrial applications where they provide protection of battery applications with rated voltages of up to 48 V. For applications especially limited in space we offer low-profile blade fuses which due to their low height can be installed in a very space-saving way.

For easy fault detection and thus time savings in troubleshooting, the ESKA range now also offers automotive blade fuses with optical fault detection. This is solved by an LED on top of the fuse that can clearly be identified even if the fuse is inserted in the holder. Over recent years, electric mobility has considerably grown in importance with a special risk arising from energy storage systems.

If overcurrents or shirt-circuits occur, this may result in battery fire and subsequently in destruction of the automobile and in a high risk to life. To prevent this, fuses are used in the electrical systems of automobiles and also in the charging systems ensuring early interruption of possible faults. Our product range covers a large variety of power fuses with various voltages, currents and other technical parameters, thus offering adequate protection for any application.

ESKA is a distributor for the established Italian MTA brand. The product range includes automotive fuses, fuse-holders, power distribution units, connectors, battery terminals and other accessories for automotive applications. In addition to MTA’s comprehensive product range, ESKA offers more fuses and holders of different sizes and rated currents designed for various applications. Discover the full range of ESKA products for automotive applications and let us convince you of our service.

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