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ESKA bietet Feinsicherung, Kleinstsicherung oder auch SMD Sicherungen für die Gebäudetechnik.

Building Technology

Since the beginning of building technology’s development ESKA has supplied fuses for this industrial sector.

Due to increasing requirements of modern building standards, numerous additional functions and accelerated cycles of innovation in the individual subsections, building technology is getting more and more important and complex. Economical and technical requirements, functionality and opportunities on the one hand and serious legal responsibility to comply with applicable regulations on the other hand make the implementation of modern construction projects, particularly in light of building technology, increasingly challenging. Smart home, LED lighting or smart meter devices can be safely protected by applying appropriate cartridge, sub-miniature or SMD fuses.


250 V AC typ., DC voltages new
32 mA up to 32 A
Breaking capacity:
up to 1.500 A
Product requirements:
Varying according to application
Product examples: