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ESKA bietet Sicherheit für die Industrieelektronik mit passender Feinsicherung, Chip-Sicherung oder auch KFZ-Sicherung.

Industrial Electronics

Your business area is the production of electronic components.

You manufacture products starting with the application of electronic components to substrate systems up to mounting of assemblies, and deliver these products to your company or your customers in a reliable way and exactly in time. Countless different applications belong to this sector in which ESKA’s complete product portfolio is used, primarily cartridge fuses and, for sensitive electronics, also SMD or chip fuses. In addition, individual solutions are discussed and agreed upon with our customers. Automotive fuses, for example, can be used for the protection of small 12 V UPS systems. And to select the appropriate fuse, ESKA offers you design-in support. As partners we work together with our industrial customers to analyze the respective requirements of the industrial electronics sector offering our technical know-how of more than one hundred years.


24 V DC up to 500 V AC
> 32 mA
Breaking capacity:
Depending on application
Product requirements:
Requirements differ depending on application. From quick-acting fuses for the protection of electric circuits up to time-lag high-breaking capacity fuses, for example for the protection of motors.
Product examples: